About Us

Welcome to Gov Watch Australia.

Our purpose is to provide independent scrutiny and analysis of Australian Politics with a Social Conscience focus.  This is becoming more important as the media is showing more right wing bias and independent media voices are being drowned out or silenced.

This site was originally setup  in September 1996 to critique and publicise the abuses of power of the Jeff Kennett led Liberal Government in Victoria, Australia.  The Liberal Government lost power in 1999 and the site was shut down in 2001 after the incoming Labor Government restored a socially progressive agenda.

With the election of the Federal Coalition Government lead by Tony Abbott in September 2013 and their right wing agenda it was decided that the site needed to be resurrected to document any abuses of power and scrutinise the policies they implement so the people can be well aware of the implications.  Analysis that is not likely to appear in the mainstream Australia Media.

All of the opinions expressed on this site are my own unless stated otherwise or where external links or sources are referenced.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it illuminating and I look forward to any feedback and support.


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